Notchitup is an array of features that you can pick and choose to customize your organization’s app and deliver a personalized experience to your customers. Ranging from providing a crisp understanding of the product line and offerings to your existing and prospective customers to making them an integral part of your company’s promotional events and campaigns with invites, live event updates, polls and surveys; the features of the Notchitup app become your powerful, digital salesman in your customer’s hand.

A mobile app is one of the best media to display your products with catchy graphical images of the features and multimedia presentations.

This feature helps you present a snapshot of your organization’s product and service line in a crisp and easier way. It will keep your customers updated with your latest mix of products and keep them abreast with the changes in the industry. For the services industry, this feature can highlight the elaborate range of services offered by your company and their schedule.