Showcase your company’s best and most successful work portfolio. Use this space to introduce your company with a profile to customers who may not be familiar with the different aspects of your business. Your mission statements, objectives, and a list of values and standards can also be part of the profile along with a brief overview of your products and services. Boost your company’s market appeal by sharing your achievements, sponsorships, recognition facts and mentions in the media.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Market, sell and promote your products and their detailed features with the photo gallery feature. The feature is also a high engagement zone during events and campaigns as you can update photos of the events as they are unfolding.Similar to the photo feature but with the advantage of the motion picture, the video feature gives you the opportunity to “talk about your products and services” without being present in front of your customer. From unboxing to “how to” videos, get your customers engaged to your offerings by demos and expert talks.

Data sheets, brochures, whitepapers, technical papers, case studies and reports: give your customers the advantage to learn from the experts and best practices of the industry. Keep them updated with the latest case studies, info graphics, white papers, data sheets and tutorial videos that are easy to download and can be read or seen at their convenience.