Oil and gas

Oil and gas mobile apps are revolutionizing the industry, and it is a fast-evolving industry which is about to see many more changes in the coming years.

Not only are apps helping to increase productivity, but they are also bringing new approaches to marketing the companies.

Introduce the Notchitup app to boost productivity, collaboration and to attract new talent while giving your customers an easy way to access and exchange information about the industry.

  • By centralizing information in one place, Notchitup can make access to information faster and more efficient.
  • One of the most crucial marketing strategies that the app can help facilitate is the quick field service. The App can help reduce problem-solving time, by enabling your on-field support staff to access the information they need faster and more easily.
  • Internal communications apps are great ways of ensuring that employees working in the field can keep in touch with each other and with what’s happening at other locations or teams.