Smartphone apps are revolutionizing the way healthcare is accessed or provided today.

With each passing day, technology is delivering new techniques for managing healthcare and Notchitup is ahead of that game.

  • For interaction of healthcare professionals with patients, Notchitup can be a robust, bespoke and completely secure marketing platform for your healthcare organization.
  • Recovery plans after getting discharged from the hospital can also be managed through an app that can monitor treatment schedules, doctor visits, and medication timings and can track predefined recovery parameters like weight, temperature, blood count etc.

Our in-depth industry research gives us the understanding of the governance mechanism of the healthcare industry. While features like products and services will help patients know of the frontline healthcare solutions you provide, the “schedule a meeting” feature can be customized to help patients make appointments and talk to a healthcare professional from comfortable surroundings of their choice. You can also help patients check their medical test reports via the app or keep themselves updated of the news of the healthcare industry.