FMCG industry

Notchitup is the digital salesman of the FMCG industry. While products are the strength of the FMCG industry, sales and distribution strategy is its backbone.

Notchitup strengthens this backbone further by enabling your sales team with easy, interactive and smart ways to communicate.

  • Among other features, the business meeting feature helps sales and marketing teams to schedule meetings with potential distributors and business partners.
  • The app syncs the phone calendar to send out direct meeting invites and provide reminders at preset frequencies.
  • Customizable features to provide stock updates at various points of sale and distribution opportunities also help salespersons to ensure well-stocked products in the market.
  • FMCG is fast moving and consumer focused making Notchitup a must-have for quicker turnaround on providing product information. Using the digital events app, new products, their features, photos, and digital advertisements can be launched digitally.
  • Latest information about your products reaches customers on their phone without waiting for them to see it on print and TV or in the market.
  • Over and above this, the poll and social media features allow your customers to participate in product feedback surveys, campaigns, interact with the brand managers and share their views on social media.