Provide news, campus services and academic information to students on the move.

Mobile apps have gone much beyond being mere shopping tools. Today, they are information sources for customers to make informed decisions. Your educational institute can provide up-to-the-minute news to both students and parents on school happenings and extracurricular activities. The app can also become a source for providing resources of school policies, course calendars and notes.

  • Notchitup can help you market long distance and online education, making it easy to submit assignments online and via mobile.
  • Besides publishing the latest news, schools can also send out notifications to parents when there are emergency announcements. The app will give students the ability to map their phone calendars to important dates and events organized by the school.
  • You can also open the lines of communication between your faculty and staff via the schedule a meeting feature; not only making it possible for students to contact teachers for questions and consultation but also allow prospective students to contact teachers for questions or concerns while filling out their applications.
  • A forum for discussion or campaigns can be organized around admission season to prospective students and their parents to attend webinars about the institution. The app will make it easy to link to events via social media.