Banking and Financial Services

Digital banking enhances the value a bank extends and creates a stronger connections. Provide timely, economic updates and investment insights through Notchitup.

The financial services industry is leveraging the rise of mobile to improve their client interactions and build loyalty. It is the banking experience rather than a breakthrough product that is innovating financial services, adding significant value by way of cost saving and improved productivity. Banks today are investing in online banking processes that improve the manner in which banks interact with customers and address their queries, to improve the user experience.

With Notchitup, access, convenience and layers of functionality all work together to build a customized app that customers with smart phones and bank accounts can use for mobile banking and other financial services.

Instead of sharing information via traditional marketing tools like brochures and physical mails, Notchiup can enable better, and real-time conversations between clients and advisors in the customized app. No matter where the customer is, the app will make it easy for the bank advisors to provide 24/7 consultation.