Automobiles Sales Application

After sales service is probably one of the most crucial offerings in the automobile industry.

The sale does not end once you have sold the car. If you fail to connect with the owners once they start using the automobile or provide them avenues to reach out for service support and other assistance, you might make a huge dent in your reputation, and hence your sales.

  • The Notchitup app is basically an automobile sales software which helps connect automobile owners and prospective customers. An app owner can receive regular feeds for service records on their phones, can search for nearest assistance and service centers when stuck on the commute.
  • With the assistance of automotive CRM software, you can enable special logins for owners and prospects to keep your social ambassadors abreast of the latest models and features through events, photos, videos, and articles.
  • In a single interactive app, Notchitup gives you the ability to showcase new models, conduct opinion polls, provide new offers on existing models, enable a discussion forum for support, and leverage social platforms for organic footprints of your brand.
  • No doubt that the Notchitup app is the best marketing automation software to organize new model launch shows via the app or conduct pre-launch polls to gather insights about a car feature you want to build.