Notchitup Highlight - Customer Engagement

The app is customized and tailor-made to suit your requirement ensuring a complete hassle-free and smooth experience. A whole world of possibilities are now made available at your finger tips.

Get Customers And Channel Partners On The Same Page

Create a win-win customer engagement strategy that boosts your brand value, while helping customers make informed decisions. Notchitup also gives you the perfect launchpad for powerful channel incentive programs.


A digital event app that will be your marketing DNA

A digital event app that ensures traffic before, during and after events, Notchitup is downloadable on any platform with a range of features that help organize an end-to-end event. Conduct online events or support in-person events with required resources via the app, showcase products by uploading pictures and tutorial videos, and involve your customers by letting them vote or provide an input.

Event Management Apps

New age one-stop solution for marketing your activities

Market your business in new-age innovative ways via a smartphone. Make your customers an integral part of your organization’s promotional events and campaigns with invites, live event updates, polls and surveys. A one-stop solution to engage your customers in marketing activities from the comfort of their choice of surroundings.

Customer Service Tools

Share with friends with social media sharing app

Conquer social platforms by engaging your customers and prospects on the web. Partner with your social ambassadors and enable them to talk about you and share their experiences of your product and services with their friends with the social media feature of Notchitup.

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Choose from a customizable array of features

Deliver a personalized experience to your customers with features that can be customized to your organization’s needs, and more specifically, your business requirements. Access, convenience and layers of functionality provide customers opportunities to participate and provide inputs via an elaborate range of features.

Client Management System

Created by Marketeers for Marketers

An end-to-end marketing package, Notchitup is the brainchild of experienced marketers who have made a marketer’s dream come true in today’s digital age. Interactive and customizable, this app is your organization’s digital salesman on the go. New products, solutions, case studies, white papers, events and much more!

Customer Engagement