Notchitup Marketing Tango

Looking for ways to expand your marketing reach to the smartphone environment? Look beyond digital and online branding on digital platforms.

Today, smartphone apps are revolutionizing the way you communicate with your customers. Notchitup is at the forefront of this revolution with its audience engagement apps, customer management software, digital event and other marketing features.

A customizable smartphone app for powering interactive marketing strategies, Notchitup is a robust, bespoke and completely secure digital app. With several features that enable uploading of photos and videos, scheduling meetings, conducting polls, and enabling training resources among others, Notchitup is a must-have app for your business’s digital promotion strategy. Downloadable on any mobile platform, the client management system digitalizes your entire marketing.

With this audience interaction software, enable your customers with new ways of interacting with your business, service, or product. Healthcare, banking, financial services, information technology, education, FMCG, automobile or oil and gas – Notwithstanding your business vertical, Notchitup replaces the current-day static messaging approach with interactive engagement to boost your business.

1 It’s the new-age marketing strategy for delivering your customer’s business needs
2 A one-stop solution to expand your marketing activity to the mobile environment
3 A white-label app that can be customized and built to suit any industry
4 Has the potential to become your most powerful business and promotion strategy tool
5 Downloadable on any mobile platform and can regularly update information
6 Features to upload photos, videos and events that can be synced to your customer’s mobile calendar
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